Coffee Improves Focus

Do you drink coffee? Millions of people around the world drink coffee daily. There must be something in the drink that people like. Now, have you ever wondered whether coffee improves focus (your ability to concentrate)?

There is a natural stimulant in coffee: caffeine. It has been found to improve mental alertness and seems to have some effect in improving reaction times. There are benefits in consuming moderate amounts of caffeine.

Here is a lighthearted video in which I drink coffee before I perform juggling. I am a Juggler, which is why I made this video. First, I went to the supermarket to buy some bottles of coffee. Then, I made this video to be kind of like a “Before & After” commercial for bottled coffee. It was very fun to make it all by myself. The bottles of coffee were full and sealed, and each bottle weighed a little over 500g.

In the video, I wake up feeling groggy. I notice a bottle of coffee and proceed to drink some of it. The coffee gives me a buzz that prompts me to head outdoors to juggle. What do I juggle with? Bottles of coffee, of course! Indeed, coffee improves focus.

Is it true that coffee improves focus?
Each of these bottles of coffee weighs a little over 500g.

I’m Jimmy Lim, a professional performer and entertainer. Check out some of my other posts for entertainment ideas.