Event Performance Singapore Ideas

What would be a suitable event performance Singapore might have for your event or party? Your choice would certainly depend on your entertainment programme. Here are some event and party ideas.

In this post, let’s look at what might work for your event or party. The best time to book an event performance is when you are planning your event or party. When you make an advance booking, the performers or entertainers will be more likely to accept your booking. With that in mind, do consider the event performance Singapore juggler, JimmyJuggler, presents in his shows:

Dynamic LED Juggling

JimmyJuggler performs with LED Juggling at night and in dimly lit locations.
Light up the night scene with LED Juggling. Photo credit here.

Head-balance of Knife

Jimmy Juggler balances a Knife on his head
JimmyJuggler balances a Knife on his forehead.

Box Juggling

The Juggler performs Box Juggling and seems to defy gravity.
Defying gravity; there really are no magnets. Photo credit here.

Audience Participation

JimmyJuggler brings joy to audience members onstage.
Look at him, everyone! He’s doing a great job! Photo credit here.

Egg Juggling

Jimmy the juggler can juggle raw eggs.
Very egg-citing act by JimmyJuggler! Photo credit here.

Knife Juggling

Juggling Knives as performed by JimmyJuggler in Singapore.
Don’t try this at home! This is Jimmy, a professional performer. Photo credit here.

Fire Juggling

Jimmy Juggler performs Fire Juggling with skill and courage.
Fire Juggling involves lots of skill and courage. Photo credit here.

Now that you’ve seen the photos, check out some videos too. Then, make an enquiry about booking JimmyJuggler’s performance for next your event or party.