5 Facts About The Juggler Singapore Party Planners Hire

In this article, find out about the juggler Singapore party planners hire for events and parties. Here are five interesting facts about JimmyJuggler. You won’t find these nuggets of information in his official profile page. Moreover, knowing these facts might help with your planning of an event or party. Read them below.

A Juggler Singapore Event Organisers Hire

JimmyJuggler performing a Juggling Show.


1.  Audience Size

JimmyJuggler’s biggest audience in a “live” stage show had about 5,000 people. The audience comprised the guests at an event held on the Floating Platform in Marina Bay, Singapore.


2.  Stay Calm And Composed

Jimmy’s stage experience has developed in many ways. This includes learning to respond to completely unscripted and surprising moments. Here is one incident recounted by Jimmy in Facebook:

“Some years ago, I performed in a shopping mall. A child rushed onstage to try to grab my props while I was juggling! I was stunned…then I realised (and everyone watching realised too) that he was a special needs child. Even the child’s nanny had a tired and helpless look on her face. Once I had regained my composure, I helped the child return to his seat. Later, during the show when I was about to juggle my Fire Torches, I requested the mall security guard and the child’s nanny to make sure that the child didn’t come onstage again. All went OK.”


3.   Unusual Objects To Juggle

Jimmy’s most memorable objects that he has juggled with, in an actual Juggling Show, are real digital cameras. Jimmy’s client handed him three digital cameras to juggle at a product launch event. The cameras were real working products and not display models or replicas. He managed to juggle the expensive devices successfully during the stage performance.


4.   Juggling While Eyes Are Covered

Jimmy is able to juggle without looking. He can juggle without using the sense of sight.

Juggler Singapore Hires For Events

Screenshot from JimmyJuggler’s video.


5.   Most Dangerous Act

Jimmy’s most dangerous Juggling Stunt is his signature act, Juggler’s Christmas Tree. This is how he has described this suspenseful act previously:

“Amongst the several dangerous juggling acts that I perform, I would say that the one act that makes me take extra care is my “Juggler’s Christmas Tree” act. In this act, I juggle while balanced on a Rola-Bola (a rolling teeter-board) which in turn is balanced on a narrow table… One wrong step and it could lead to a nasty tumble. Getting up there from the stage floor without any assistance and getting down safely at the end of the act, also without assistance, are all part of the entire act.”


And there you have it! Those are five interesting facts about Jimmy, who is the juggler Singapore party planners hire for events and parties. You might want to also check out his profile page.

Finally, this is how to contact Jimmy to perform at your event or party.