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Events and Parties are occasions for people to get together in the same place to mark a significant moment in their lives. People are the reason why an event or party is held to mark a wedding, a birthday, a holiday, or a business opportunity. These occasions are for people to socialise while having an experience that is markedly different from their daily lives. Whether you are planning an event or party for yourself or someone else, it is good to focus on the guests. Read this article to learn about some party ideas Singapore event planners use for entertaining the party guests.


Party ideas Singapore

Juggling is suitable for Dinner & Dance events


The content of the event programme is key. Depending on the scale and budget that has been set for the event or party, it is the event programme that is core to making the event a success.


How do party ideas for entertainment help?

One aspect of designing an event programme is to infuse it with variety. In other words, make the event programme interesting for the audience or guests. A programme that is monotonous or tedious could make the guests feel like leaving extra early.

Adding some entertainment to the programme is an excellent way to keep things interesting throughout the event. It is also good to choose entertainment that could help to pace the flow of the event.


Party ideas that are suitable

Consider having entertainment that complements the tone and context of the event. Some questions that could be asked are:

  • Is the event a formal celebration or a casual dinner party?
  • Is the event held in a grand ballroom or beside a swimming pool?
  • Are the guests working professionals attending a corporate product launch event or are they mostly families with small children at a clubhouse party?

Have a clear understanding about the nature of the event, and who the guests are, so that it becomes simple to choose entertainment that fits the programme.


Singapore Juggler Event Show

Juggling entertainment is appropriate for large-scale events


Party ideas Singapore event planners use

There is a wide range of entertainment available for hire to anyone who is planning an event or party. What are some event or party ideas that work? Here is a list:

1. Movie

Screening a movie at your party might be suitable, especially if the event is one for “relaxation”. Watching a movie is a passive activity and all the guests have to do is sit or lie down to watch and enjoy the movie. Movies can be projected on different sizes of screens, indoors or outdoors, depending on the scale of the event.

2. Emcee or Party Host

Hiring an emcee to host the event is a good idea, especially when the event is an important one. Professional emcees can help to set the tone of the event because they can direct the flow of the event and engage the audience appropriately during the event. Some emcees can sing or dance. Others are natural comedians. They can also conduct games for the audience to play.

3. Stage Shows or Party Shows

Some events have an opening act to let the guests know that the main event has begun. This might be a visual LED performance on a darkened stage, an energetic dance item, or a musical performance. The opening act is often brief yet rousing so as to catch the attention of the guests.

Shows are often featured as “live” entertainment during an event. These shows can vary in content and duration. It is easy to choose entertainment when you consider questions such as:

  • What type of event or party is it?
  • What is the audience profile?
  • What is the scale of the event?
  • What is the size of the audience?
  • What are the venue conditions and constraints?
  • How long is the event programme?
  • What is the content of the event programme?
  • What is the content of the “live” show?
  • What are the highlights of the “live” show?
  • How should the “live” shows be ordered in the programme?

4. Roving performances

Roving means to roam, so “roving performances” involve performers who move about the venue and perform as they go amidst the party guests. This form of entertainment has a casual feel about it, unlike a stage show. Roving performers can be hired to entertain guests as they arrive at the venue.

Roving performances can also be featured during the event proper. However, it is usually best to not have them become a source of distraction to the audience when there is a main event item happening onstage.

Large-scale events sometimes have both stage shows and roving performances happening simultaneously. This can work when these dissimilar formats of entertainment are at different parts of the venue so that either format of entertainment does not distract from the other.

5. Novelty entertainment

Some types of entertainment can make an event or party seem special. A good example is a fireworks display. Or a convoy of vintage cars. For a product launch party, hiring a juggler to perform with the product makes for a novel act.


Turn your party ideas for entertainment into reality

The internet is a useful resource when selecting entertainment for your event or party. It is prudent to look for professional entertainers or entertainment companies. Consider their professionalism, show experience, capabilities, responsiveness, and reviews from clients. Finally, as you make your selection of entertainers, consider how their shows or performances would add to your event or party.


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