Birthday Party Show in Singapore

Make your Birthday Party special by hiring an entertainer such as a Juggler. When you have a Juggler perform a Juggling Show for the guests at your party, it makes for an exciting experience. A Juggling Show presents amazing stunts and tricks that are real. These are not illusions. Juggling is a performing art that involves the mastery of various skills. The Juggler entertains people by presenting these skills in specially designed acts that are exciting and entertaining.


See what happens in a Birthday Party


Party Entertainer Jimmy Juggler

Showtime with Jimmy Juggler!


Party Show by JimmyJuggler

Juggling Show at Indoor Playground.


Entertainment for Party | Jimmy Juggler

Children having fun onstage during Jimmy’s show.


Birthday Party | Juggling Show | JimmyJuggler

Juggling Show by JimmyJuggler.


Birthday Party Circus Juggler

Circus themed party. The Juggler is part of the setting!


Also see these photos of a Juggling Show by JimmyJuggler at a very grand party! The show featured amazing juggling stunts and acts, and also included lots of  audience interaction and participation.

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