Reviews and Testimonials about JimmyJuggler

“Thank you for the exceptional professional show that made our opening event a great one. Please accept our congratulation for a great job done.”  
~ C.S. Lee, Dy Director Operations in the healthcare sector

“Very good…I enjoyed it”   
~ Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean, who watched Jimmy’s show in Pasir Ris, Singapore

“I really enjoyed your act…You also performed at National Day and the Biennale; both of which are really major events…I must really commend you for it.”
~ Matthew Quek, award-winning Singaporean singer

 “Thank you very much Jimmy… the performance was excellent and the feedback from the kids (and Parents!) was very good.”
~ Greg Eckstein, proud parent of his children

“Thank you for the fantabulous performance last Friday…”
~ Shu Jun, Industrial Hygienist

“Thank you…. great performance…everyone who were there had enjoyed your show too. Look forward to having more opportunities to invite you again.”
~ Yoke Kheng, IT professional

“Thank you for helping out today.  Everyone said you were excellent!!  I certainly thought so. Very best regards.”
~ Morris B., risk and safety management consultant from the US.

“I feel that Jimmy the Juggler was really professional.  Despite some minor hiccups from my side, he persisted on to do the show making it a total success.  Thanks and I really look forward to work with him…again.”
~ Aaron, corporate client

“It was a challenging performance space but you showed your true professionalism and gave a great show!”
~ Amit G., percussionist and team-building facilitator

“Jimmy, well done!”
~ Member of Parliament Denise Phua, who watched Jimmy perform in her constituency.

“Saw you on TV!  That was awesome!”
~ Bevan, actuarial science professional, who watched Jimmy perform on the Mediacorp TV show, “Entertainment on 5”.

“Thank you for your contribution in making this evening’s show a blast.  I have received amazing reactions, response and feedback from both guests and organisers…Look forward to more collaborations ahead.”
~ Rahul, event planner

“You were fantastic on Saturday!  Great performance!”
~ Richard L., financial services professional

“I have heard such great feedback regarding the birdpark show. Thanks again.”
~ Lynette Barss., medical professional

“I have seen you perform ‘live’…I was really wowed by your superb juggling skills!”
~ Christine T., administrative professional

“Many (colleagues) told me they enjoyed your performance. Thanks.”
~ Brigit S., teacher

“…thank you for a wonderful performance and joy you’ve brought to the audience.”
~ Seok Muay, BTRTS theatre officer

“I was really happy to catch to you in action…It was cool!…Take care and for a moment there, I caught the magic.”
~ Carrie C., legal professional

“(The film director said) she wanted someone with silky skills…You were the obvious choice.”
~ Carrie C.

“Thanks Jimmy. Your performance was great.”
~ Shannon C.

“It was a very enjoyable performance that you put up for the WSCS.”
~ Dr Ong S H, associate dean at SMU

“Thanks for the help with the performance…The residents enjoyed something new.”
~ Ernest P., healthcare entrepreneur


Case study

JimmyJuggler the performer has a B. Eng. (Mech) (Second-class Honours, Upper Div) degree from Nanyang Technological University. His educational background is especially useful for when clients need their concepts to be clearly communicated to their audiences. Read a case study.


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