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JimmyJuggler is authorised to resell / distribute juggling props made by world-class manufacturers. JimmyJuggler juggles with many of these props himself and recommends them.

Please visit Juggling Shop to order props for beginner, casual, or hobby jugglers. Contact Jimmy to make enquiries about props and equipment.


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Many juggling props come in various colours, sizes, and weights. There are props for all levels of jugglers: beginner to advanced. Product quality is assured when you buy from JimmyJuggler.


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Why do people buy props from JimmyJuggler?

Jimmy has juggled since 1987 and, as a performer, understands deeply how jugglers learn and play. There are no stores in Singapore selling decent juggling props so it’s best to speak with JimmyJuggler about juggling and juggling props.

Here’s what some people have said about JimmyJuggler:

“Reliable delivery, payment after merchandise is delivered, have customer feedback. Can always rely on him to be there to complain to about my existing props.”

“Prompt and hassle-free.”

“Prompt email replies and good comms.”

“It’s easy to order, I don’t need a credit card, and he takes care of all the shipping hassle. “

“Gives good advice to the buyer on what is suitable for him.”

“Prompt action.”

“Thanks for your very fast replies and good service!”