How to Juggle at Home

Staying at home? Or staying indoors? Learn how to Juggle at home at your convenience. The video below is for anyone who would like to have a feel of what Juggling is like. Perhaps this video tutorial might come in handy, when we need to stay at home (such as during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Juggling is both fun, stimulates the mind, and improves hand-eye coordination. Read more about the benefits of Juggling.

After watching this video, go ahead to book a workshop session with JimmyJuggler, to be conducted over a WhatsApp video call. My Juggling students learn how to juggle the Three-Ball Cascade, which is the basic juggling pattern. The basic cascade pattern provides pathways to other patterns.



Learn how to Juggle at home with this Two-ball pattern

It’s good to learn the Two-Ball pattern shown in this video for fun and to stretch one’s abilities. It’s a genuine juggling pattern that has its surprising origins in mathematics. In fact, this fascinating pattern was discovered with the use of a numerical method to describe juggling patterns.

There are only two balls in this pattern. However, this pattern has an interesting level of complexity to it.

Is it “easy”? I’d say that it will make your brain work quite a bit in the beginning. In a manner of speaking, the two balls aren’t really doing the same thing; each ball is doing its own thing. Well, kind of.

It’s all right if you’ve never learned how to juggle the Three-Ball Cascade. You will get a really good idea of what happens in actual Juggling with this Two-Ball pattern. You will discover that you will require both mental and physical efforts. That’s why Juggling has both mental and physical benefits.


Learn more to reap the full benefits

I hope that you will enjoy this video as you learn how to Juggle. Then, go ahead to make an enquiry or booking about actual lessons in order to learn more and reap the full benefits of Juggling. We can have the lessons done over a video call.