How To Juggle from Easy to Hard

When people ask about How To Juggle, I tell them that Juggling is kind of like dancing while trying to solve a puzzle. I have to know where the different parts of my body are; what those parts are doing; and where the juggled objects are supposed to be at different points in time.

As you might be able to tell, there’s actually plenty of real-time data to crunch. Thankfully, our human brains are supercomputers. We can improve our concentration; improve our reflexes; and reduce stress by juggling on a regular basis. Read more about the benefits of juggling.

how to juggle video screenshot
Screenshot of the How To Juggle video

Practice makes all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place (pun intended). So we can learn how to juggle with continual practice.

Check out my YouTube video to see whether I solved this puzzle:
• Juggle the 3 rings. Then, toss the rings upwards.
• While the rings are airborne, spin your body 360°.
• Catch the falling rings in sequence. Subsequently, resume juggling the rings.

I hope that the video has given you an insight into various aspects of Juggling. In short, I hope that you might see how Juggling is both fun and challenging at the same time.

I’m Jimmy Lim, a professional performer and instructor. Do contact me for lessons.