How to launch a new product by using the Art Of Juggling

Launching a new product or service is both fun and challenging. Besides having to refine the product or service that you want to introduce to people, you also have to decide on the method of introduction. In other words, how to launch a new product so that your target audience takes notice. In this article, I highlight five applications of the Art of Juggling to launch a new product or service. The five applications are based on my observations and experience as a Performing Juggler and Entertainer.

One notable eye-catching method of launching a product is to use the Art of Juggling to call attention to your product. This photo by Wai Meng Woon shows JimmyJuggler juggling five balls:


Juggler at Nikon event in Singapore

Photo of JimmyJuggler taken by WOON Wai Meng.


Why use the Art of Juggling? For starters, juggling is energetic, fun, and visual! It is a performance art that involves movements that are dynamic, varied, and sometimes colourful. Juggling includes a wide range of eye-catching movements that, when performed insightfully, can be seen by people both near and far. Juggling can also be also used as a visual metaphor to draw attention to the attributes of your product or service. It is worth noting that the Art of Juggling has been around for nearly 4,000 years – it is recognised to be crowd-pleasing entertainment in many cultures around the world.


How to launch a new product by using the Art of Juggling

Here are some real-life examples that involved JimmyJuggler. JimmyJuggler is my stage name because I am a performing juggler and entertainer in Singapore. These real-life examples show how to launch a new product or service using the Art of Juggling during events and campaigns.


1. The Juggler As Entertainer

Nikon launched a camera, inviting people to a launch event in a mall in Singapore. The event programme included talks by reknowned photographers and entertainment segments featuring Juggling. During these segments, JimmyJuggler performed with two objectives in mind: entertain the event audience and be a photography subject for people using cameras.

Here is a photograph that captures a key moment in the juggling act:


Fire Juggler in Singapore event

Photo of JimmyJuggler taken by Wee Tiong Photography.


Read a write-up about the event.


Nikon product launch event in Singapore

Left photo: Drumming with gusto!  Right photo: Fire Juggling!


How to launch a new product using Juggling

A fun moment onstage with a member of the audience.


2. The Juggler while Juggling

Sony Mobile Singapore launched a smartphone with a killer feature: the camera in the smartphone could record videos at an astonishing 960 frames per second (the usual frame rate is closer to 25 frames per second). At a special pre-launch event, JimmyJuggler performed juggling so that customers could try out this video-recording feature on him. They recorded his performance with the new smartphone. Here is a video taken during that event.

Sony Xperia XZs video of Juggling in super slow motion

3. Juggling the Product!

At a private event in Singapore, a company launched several new cameras at the same time. The event programme included formal presentations and attractive models walking down a runway. The models held the cameras. After their segment, JimmyJuggler performed an energetic show that had him juggling the actual cameras! The marketing manager had asked JimmyJuggler to juggle the cameras, even at the risk of dropping the cameras onto the ground. Therefore, JimmyJuggler’s juggling demonstrated the robust design of the cameras. Read about how JimmyJuggler handled the cameras.


4. Use Juggling to Demonstrate a Product Attribute

Silhouette launched new eyewear in a global campaign. They produced an advertising campaign that featured a Hollywood actor. It is unsurprising to see the Hollywood actor, Patrick Dempsey, in an advertisement. However, it is fascinating to see what Patrick Dempsey does during a photo shoot for Silhouette Eyewear. He juggles as cameras click away! Watch a behind-the-scenes video to see how the combination of Hollywood star; lightweight, comfortable and classy glasses; and the highly visual art of juggling come together.



5. Use Juggling as a metaphor

The senior management of a large organisation organised a Quality Management event for employees. This event was a milestone in the organisation’s training calendar because the event was designed to educate employees about the need to ensure quality in their services to customers. JimmyJuggler performed at the event to demonstrate some concepts found in Quality Management. He used various juggling acts as visual metaphors to illustrate these concepts onstage so that the audience would be able to grasp the concepts in a practical and entertaining way. Read Lean Six Sigma Juggling to find out more.


How to launch a new product or service with Juggling | JimmyJuggler

Juggling is an excellent metaphor for many topics, including business and management topics.


I hope that these five applications of using the Art of Juggling might give you an idea of how to launch a new product or service in a different, creative, and eye-catching way. Get in touch with me to talk shop about the Art Of Juggling for your product launches or marketing campaigns.

JimmyJuggler, “Singapore’s Performing Juggler” wrote this article. Find out more about JimmyJuggler.