Juggling Balls Tutorial

This video is a Juggling Balls Tutorial. I’m blindfolded throughout this video until the very last couple of seconds. In this video, I’ll show you the Three-Ball Cascade, which is the basic juggling pattern for 3 balls. Here are the video chapters with the corresponding time-stamps:

00:00 ​Intro
00:34​ Demo
02:04​ One Ball
02:50​ Two Balls
03:39​ Three Balls
04:32​ Do It Again! (and how it works)

I’ll also show you how you might learn to juggle 3 balls in the Three-Ball Cascade pattern. I’ll show you the moves while I’m blindfolded. You’ll be able to learn how to throw and catch each ball so that juggling can actually be done with all the balls.

Towards the end of the video, I provide an explanation as to how juggling while blindfolded is done. It can be a challenge to juggle while blindfolded because the sense of sight is blocked. Watch the Juggling Balls Tutorial video to learn more.

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I usually teach lessons in a face-to-face setting, or through video calls. Of course, I’m not blindfolded during lesson time! When I’m teaching a class, my eyes are open to observe how my students juggle so that I can spot the ways in which they can improve their juggling. My students are of a wide range of ages.

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