Juggling Show Rehearsal in Singapore

Watch my Juggling Show Rehearsal. In this video, I rehearse my Ball Juggling routine. It’s one of the variety of juggling acts that I do in my show.

Juggling Show Rehearsal in Singapore by Jimmy Juggler
JimmyJuggler during rehearsal.

My outdoor rehearsal is useful for me. For one thing, there’s more space outside. I also need to be able to focus on my performance while other things are going on around me. Moreover, it’s warm and humid in Singapore — it’s a tropical country — which means that I get to build up my “heat endurance”. This is helpful because during my actual Show, it can get quite warm under my hat and costume.

Watch the video below.


I hope that you’ll enjoy watching my rehearsal. The balls that I juggle are actually LED Juggling Balls. Since it is daylight, there’s no need to switch the LEDs on. When it’s nighttime or inside a darkened room, the LEDs can be switched on.

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