Lean Six Sigma Juggling

JimmyJuggler has used his juggling acts to highlight the key concepts in Lean Six Sigma management and business improvement methodologies. These methodologies provide many concepts and tools for improving the level of quality in work processes. Therefore, companies and organisations use Lean Six Sigma to manage their work processes to deliver high quality services to their customers. When employees significantly improve the quality of their work processes, they can meet or exceed the expectations of their customers.


Lean Six Sigma Quality Event Juggling Show

JimmyJuggler entertaining at the corporate event for staff.


The management and staff of these companies and organisations undergo training to learn these concepts and methodologies. Quality Management experts usually conduct the training because the subject matter is highly specific. Furthermore, the training usually takes place over weeks or months.


Integrating Lean Six Sigma into a Juggling Show

JimmyJuggler presented a customised juggling show for one such organisation that had been using Lean Six Sigma methods. The customised show highlighted key concepts often found in Lean Six Sigma training material. The client arranged for the show to take place at the organisation’s annual Quality Month event. The event also included a staff award ceremony and a carnival with Quality-themed game booths for staff.

JimmyJuggler integrated key concepts of “Quality”, “Lean” and “Six Sigma” into the show content for delivery to the audience, which comprised senior management and staff. JimmyJuggler’s client was delighted with the show. It was also noteworthy that the client candidly declared to his colleague that “we found the right guy (to perform the show for the event)”.

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