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JimmyJuggler is an entertainer Singapore event planners hire to entertain at events and parties. For example, Dinner & Dance events, company events, roadshows, family days, corporate parties, product launch events, awareness campaigns, conference events, exhibition events, and shopping mall events. Learn more through photos, videos and the blog.


Customised shows

JimmyJuggler performs for video production, commercials, customised shows for special events.


Party shows

JimmyJuggler also entertains at birthday parties, kids’ parties, anniversary parties, festive celebrations.


Entertainer Singapore | JimmyJuggler photos


Why JimmyJuggler is an entertainer Singapore event and party planners hire to perform at events and parties

Jimmy’s shows appeal to many kinds of audiences because Jimmy is a versatile entertainer who performs a smooth blend of amazing tricks, skillful stunts, comedy, drama, and danger that keeps audiences entertained.

Event organisers and party planners would be glad to note that Jimmy has a B. Eng. (Second-class Honours, Upper Div) degree and speaks English as a first language; he is clear in his speech and communication during showtime.




Jimmy’s shows might include any of the following:

  • Astonishing High-Energy Juggling
  • Signature Head-Balancing of Knife (or Tower)
  • Incredible Boxes Beyond Gravity
  • Amusing Audience Participation onstage with Jimmy
  • Signature Comedy Juggling with Raw Eggs
  • Suspenseful Knives Juggling
  • Exciting Grande Finale Fire Juggling
  • Signature act for Christmas shows “The Juggler’s Christmas Tree Grande Finale”

Jimmy’s shows could also include Fruit, Utensils, and other objects. Please feel free to ask Jimmy about that for your event or party.


Luminance: Dynamic LED Juggling

Jimmy’s “Luminance” is ideal for events and parties that are held at night, or inside a darkened ballroom. This performance will certainly spice up the event programme! Audiences will see a mesmerising display when Jimmy creates dynamic patterns of  coloured LED lights. They will be drawn to the action when Jimmy fearlessly juggles large fire-torches to illuminate wherever he stands. View a preview of Luminance on YouTube and “live” footage of Jimmy performing LED Juggling.


Sample Show Description

Many audiences at all kinds of occasions, venues, events, and parties have been entertained by JimmyJuggler (see Photos of JimmyJuggler or Videos of JimmyJuggler).


Entertainer Singapore JimmyJuggler Stage Show And Performance


Audiences go wild with his signature Knife-Balancing act or Tower Balance and they are astounded by his energetic and skillful Ball Juggling.

Audiences are captivated when Jimmy manipulates and juggles the Boxes Beyond Gravity; in his hands, he makes the boxes seem to defy the laws of gravity.

Audiences love the comedy and suspense when raw eggs are juggled with the help of brave and sporting volunteers.

Jimmy also brings audiences to the edge of their seats when he performs Knives Juggling with 50-cm long stainless steel knives.

And when indoor settings permit, his show includes the mesmerising Luminance: Dynamic LED Juggling.

Audiences are thrilled by Jimmy’s Grande Finale when he literally turns up the heat and juggles large Fire-Torches while balanced precariously on a rolling Teeter-board.