Roadshow events to attract people

Event producers and marketing agencies often choose roadshow events to inform people about a company, product, or service. A roadshow comprises a series of events that are held in different parts of Singapore. Therefore, this is a good way to reach out to many people in several locations. Event producers and marketers present these events in all kinds of formats and also in varying scale. Furthermore, they design these events especially to attract and inform people about the company, product, or service. This is a quick look at one aspect of these people-friendly events – entertainment.


Singapore roadshow events feature entertainment


Singapore roadshow events juggling show | Jimmy Juggler


Very often, event producers use entertainment to attract people to visit the roadshow event. The entertainment can be in different forms. For example, visual media, product demonstration, stage games, quizzes, flash mobs, and entertainers.  These formats of entertainment draw the attention of people and attract them. Moreover, a continuous stream of entertainment can encourage people to stay longer at the venue. This might increase the effectiveness of what the event had been planned to achieve.

Different forms of entertainment might be suitable for different groups of people. Cooking demonstrations at a roadshow for kitchen appliances, for example, might attract people who enjoy food or cooking. Role-play games might be suitable for a safety awareness campaign.

“Live” entertainment also attracts people.


JimmyJuggler performs at roadshow event Singapore


Some roadshow events might feature an emcee (or event host) to conduct entertaining quizzes or games. Further, these events might include a stage entertainer or roving entertainer to present performances that add a vibrant feel to the events. The entertainer can align the show content with the theme of the event. For instance, a juggler can use his performance to illustrate the multiple tasks involved in setting up a new home (see photo above).

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