Video Message – Use It To Deliver A Special Message

Use a Video Message instead of the usual text or voice messages to deliver a special message. That special message could go to your family, friend, or colleague. What’s even more special is to invite a performing artiste to deliver that special message for you. For example, you could request that JimmyJuggler make that special video for you. featured one of JimmyJuggler’s videos. In that video, Jimmy presented a case as to why JC (the writer of the article) had to take some days off from work. The recipient of the message was JC’s boss! Check out the video.

Video Message by JimmyJuggler in Singapore
Video Message by JimmyJuggler

JimmyJuggler’s presentation in that video was done carefully and with sensitivity. In it, JimmyJuggler juggled, talked, did some acting, and filmed the whole thing at the same time.

Why would anyone choose JimmyJuggler for this purpose? The writer of the Mothership article provides the answer. He thought Jimmy would be a good fit to deliver his message to his boss because of Jimmy’s experience with talking with someone else’s boss in another assignment. Furthermore, Jimmy can juggle with all kinds of objects such as fire torches, knives, raw eggs, kitchen utensils and more.

The article also provides information as to how you can request for JimmyJuggler’s video messaging service. In the article, the writer outlines the steps to make that request. There’s also a mention about having someone craft the exact words for your special message that JimmyJuggler would present (and juggle) for you.

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