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Learn to juggle through either group or individual sessions. Furthermore, sessions could be organised for corporations, institutions, schools, or for private groups of people (such as families or groups of friends). Jimmy was the external juggling instructor for a core team of crowd-motivators for Singapore National Day Parade 2008.

He has also been described to be a “good teacher” by teachers! Jimmy has the skill, patience, and the ability to help learners learn in stages. Furthermore, workshop organisers would be glad to note that Jimmy has a B. Eng. (Second-class Honours, Upper Div) degree and speaks English as a first language; he is clear in his speech and communication during the sessions.


Benefits of Juggling

Read this on BBC News: Juggling increases brain power

Parents of schoolchildren might find this useful: “Juggling Therapy”

For everybody who juggles regularly

  • Improve ability to concentrate
  • Improve coordination
  • Improve sense of rhythm
  • Improve visualisation of space
  • Improve muscle and joint mobility
  • Strengthen connection between the right and left brain hemispheres
  • Have fun and relieve stress

For athletes and sportspeople

  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Improve throwing accuracy
  • Improve confidence in catching
  • Hone your sense of timing
  • Sharpen your reflexes




What do people say about JimmyJuggler’s workshops?


Learn to juggle at JimmyJuggler's workshop


“I got home at 10:30 p.m. last night, but went to bed at midnight because I couldn’t stop juggling balls! It’s great…thanks again to you…I am a juggling convert.”
~  Dinesh Subramaniam, Nokia Asia Pacific, Corporate Communications Manager

“Many thanks for a great session. You did a great job of quickly getting the picture and customising your session to our needs.”
~  Oz A., digital marketing consultant

“With a great teacher like you, learning juggling is made really easy. I find you taught us very well.”
~ Christine T., administrative professional

“Thanks for the session. We loved it!”
~  Darren T., senior design manager

“You bring such a joy to the event! Thanks for your performance and we are glad to have you with us.”
~  Y L Yap, senior design manager


Learn to juggle | JimmyJuggler teaches lessons on juggling.


“Thanks so much for coming. It was great…the kids are all working on doing your tricks that you showed. Thanks again.”
~  Annika Ferrell, Singapore American School

“Thanks for coming…my students have said they enjoyed themselves alot!”
~ June Yang, school teacher

“I must say that your booth has brought lots of fun and excitement…Thank you.”
~ Mdm Ong Lee Choo, school principal

“We had great fun yesterday and the feedback from the students were very positive.”   
~ Jaya, school teacher

“(Jimmy is) a good teacher…gives very clear instructions…” 
~ Mrs Low, school principal

“You are a good teacher.” 
~ Brigit, school teacher


Workshop Clients include:

ACT 3 International (Kite Festival)
Barclays Wealth
HSBC Insurance
Procter & Gamble
The Esplanade Singapore
TOUCH Community Services
Singapore American School
Canadian International School
Hwa Chong Institution
Nanyang Girls’ High School
Queenstown Secondary School
Park View Primary School (sports carnival booth)


About Juggling

Juggling has been around for almost 4000 years!

A famous juggler once wrote that juggling is a uniquely human talent because it involves hand-eye coordination and the use of complex spatial perception and cognitive skills. Juggling stretches the mind and body while providing a platform for enjoyment. One also learns to not take oneself too seriously and hence relieve stress!

As an art form, juggling is rich with many possibilities for self-expression, humour, drama, and suspense. Explore how movement, rhythm, space, sounds and visuals can be intertwined.

As a sport activity, juggling has no limits to personal achievement. Skills can be gained by adding one more object or by learning one more pattern. Once the basic principles are learned, the possibilities appear infinite! Each individual can learn to juggle, progress, and achieve goals at his or her own pace.